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Artist's Statement

Timeless Rhythms

My paintings talk to me...
not right away of course,
but rather midway,
when forms start to flow into place...
when the brushstroke almost dances
to an inner rhythm that guides me.

My brush in hand glides...
as if led by an invisible power,
as if swept by the resonance of a distant melody.

It develops into a conversation...
as I respond creatively to what I hear,
to what I feel within,
from this communication.

These paintings tell me stories...
of ancient days,
of vanished years.
Layers upon layers of cultures,
Twelfth or Fifteenth Century walls crumbling in our sight,
where once they stood in their youth and glory.

Vanished years...
revealing the layers of work
by individuals who created and built,
revealing what time chose to destroy,
what time chose to preserve.

It is "time"...which the human condition reflects,
as over the years
we choose to cover layers of growth hidden within ourselves,
or perhaps choose to reveal...
but only to some not to others.
So this way, we partially see...
and partially know one another.

Looking at ourselves...
we recognize
that we are a reflection of nature and evolution,
a small part of a great whole continuum.

My paintings talk to me...
of Timeless Rhythms within cultures,
of Timeless Rhythms within ourselves.

To express this feeling
I choose to work in mixed media and collage,
where I can create...
layers upon layers of color and form,
where you can catch a glimpse of what is underneath,
what chose to be concealed...
what chose to be revealed to your gaze.

My paintings talk to me...
and when the story is finished,
the painting is complete.
Then it is to YOU that it weaves its own new tale.