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Jewelry Cleaning Information

General Jewelry Maintenance

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry for years of enjoyment, it is recommended to periodically clean your jewelry. All fine stones and jewelry can loose its luster when coated with body oils, hand and body lotions, soap, cologne, and hair spray, as well as chlorine. Take jewelry off before bathing or swimming. Put your jewelry on after applying make up and lotions.

Platinum, Gold Vermeil and Cubic Zirconia

Clean platinum or gold vermeil and Cubic Zirconia in a quality jewelry cleaner that does not contain ammonia or other abrasives, as you would clean solid gold with precious stones. With a soft brush, such as a baby tooth brush, clean stones on top and under, then rinse with warm water and dry with soft cloth. This helps remove any dirt and oils and bring the stones back to their original beautiful brilliance, and the gold or platinum to the original luster.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver can oxidize over a period of time when jewelry is not worn often. This is a natural characteristic which you can leave or you can polish your jewelry back to the original luster with a soft Silver Jewelry Cloth. Sterling Silver jewelry that has a Rhodium or Platinum bonding will not oxidize, it has the look of Platinum. You may clean this jewelry in a liquid cleaner if it is set with Cubic Zirconia, or polish it with a cloth if without stones.